Game of Thrones. Lots of blood, suspense, of “OMG what will happen to Jon Snow”. But above all : Wine, wine and more wine.
Follow us, we will explain you everything about it in case you’ve missed it.

Be careful dear Winosaurs, winter is coming.

Arbor :


Similar Wines :

Californian Chardonnay
Northern Rhône White

You are made for Arbor wines if…

You want to have the best of the best, the cream of the crop and you’re willing to spend your money to get it. You like buying wine that you know will be amazing and that your friends will love, too. The price is worth it.

The legend tells that Joffrey Baratheon is dying to getting another glass of it.


Similar Wines :

Spanish Ribera Del Duero Red
Chilean Pinot Noir

You are made for Dorne wines if…

You feel passionate about red wine, and your friends might say you have a hot-tempered, ardent personality. You love wine that evokes emotion, doesn’t please everyone, but pleases you and your lovers.

Prince Oberyn once said:

“When it comes to love… I don’t choose sides. When it comes to war I fight for Dorne. And when it comes to wine, I choose Dorne Grand Cru, the best wine in all of Westeros.”


Similar Wines:

Spanish Rioja Red mixed with juice, sugar, limes and spice… Like a Sangria in fact !

You are made for Highgarden wines if…

You’re classy but don’t always need to stick with strictly wine. You can enjoy a gin and tonic, a mojito, and while your friends might be popping a fine Bordeaux, you love a summer sangria, as long as it’s made by a mixologist who knows what he/she is doing.

What Hodor thinks about this wine: “Hodor !”

Casterly Rock:


Similar Wines:

Italian Amarone
German Riesling

You are made for Castertly Rock wines if…

You sometimes refer to yourself in the third person, and above all else, work to be powerful in life. You’re the gentlemen or lady who shows up to the party with the most expensive bottle of wine, even if the guests don’t know wine very well. You say to yourself, “[Your last name]s always bring an expensive bottle of wine.”

This is the wine that Jaimee Lanister gives to men of the Kingsguard.


Similar Wines:
Spanish Albariño
Argentinian Malbec

You are made for Lys wine if…

You enjoy drinking wine alone every once in awhile. While wine is great socially, there’s also a place for it when you’re by yourself and need some time to unwind, relax, and settle into your own thoughts.

“I do not stand for Lys and their slavery. But I do find this wine mesmerizing.” once said Daenerys Targaryen.


Similar Wines:

Portuguese Port
Californian Zinfandel

You are made for Volantis wine if…

You love over-the-top wines to match your larger-than-life personality. Sure, port and massive Zinfandels are almost not even wine, but so what, are you really the person to worry about such nuances?

Who do you think this wine suits the most in the show? Be sure to give us your answer, you might be surprised of the answer !

Oh, and good news, HBO is releasing a line of Game of Throne themed wines
Be sure to check it out !


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