Written in the Stars: Which wine pairs with your zodiac sign?

Admit it: you check your horoscope once in awhile. Winosaur has found your perfect match. The next bottle you gonna go for will be perfect for you, it’s practically written in the stars.

Astrology can give us a glimpse of a person’s basic characteristics, desires and preferences. The astrological cycles have an impact/noticeable effects on plant growth (see biodynamic agriculture), on the quality of the wine when the winemaker’s farming activities are aligned with the natural Cosmic and Earth rhythms (see calendar of Maria Thun) and on the wine preferences of the consumer. While we can’t know whether or not our fate is truly written in the stars, there is one thing we can always count on: wine. For today’s horoscope prediction, we’re making a bet that you’ll always choose the favourite wine of your invitation, of your tinder date (ask his/her birthday date) and you will understand YOUR personal wine preferences.


aquarius& Biodynamic wine: Aquarius-born are deep thinkers, highly intellectual people and extremely innovative. Using your eccentric personality and immense brainpower, you’ll enjoy a Biodynamic Wine. Being biodynamic means the wine is made in conjunction with the balance of the moon cycles and nature. If you’re an Aquarius, that offbeat wine sounds just for you.



& Pinot Noir: Pisces are emotional, compassionate and romantic. Some may say that Pisces live the lush fantasies of their lives through… a glass of a lovely Pinot Noir. A silky and fruit-driven Burgundy with hints of fresh cherries and vanilla flavours is more than enough to take a Pisces away to a magical place.


& Orange Wine: If you’re an Aries, you’re both energetic, impulsive and courageous. Aries have a burning desire for starting something new and are continuosly looking for new challenges and competitions. Your wine match must be original and innovative. In a world of red and white wine, go fort he standout orange. Technically a white wine, it’s made like a red by leaving the grape skins and seeds in contact with the juice, creating a deep orange-hued wine. You like the challenge of using little to no additives, not even yeasts during the winemaking process. Sure, you two might get some jealous stares. But ignore the haters like James Franco in The Interview: They hate us cause they ain’t us (anus).


& Red Bordeaux: As a Taurus, you are a true hedonist and you enjoy the finer things in life. You prefer full-bodied and strong wines with finesse and quality. There’s only one thing that can quench your thirst for all things chic: Left Bank Bordeaux. The famed Cabernet Sauvignon dominated reds from the best Bordeaux appellations are some of the most expensive but also best money can buy. Embrace the excessive and get a bottle of a 1855 Classified Bordeaux wine, because you’re worth it.


& Riesling: Just like a good Riesling, Geminis can be both sweet and sour. You may have a dual personality, but you’re likeable 100% of the time. Dry or sugary, Riesling’s bright acidity and playful citrus notes are appropriate for any situation you’ll find yourself in.



& Rioja: Cancers are known for having a tough exterior, but once you get to know them, they’re some of the kindest and most loyal people you can count on. A Rioja is just like that – if you take a sip right after opening the bottle, all you taste is alcohol. Give it its time, decant it, and the Tempranillo will show its charming side.


& Blue Wine: Leos are charismatic leaders, intuitive and brave. Sometimes, they also can be exuberant, but without arrogance or superficiality. Leos like to discover new wines, and share them with friends and family. They wish they will be the first one to discover a new wine-growing region, a new winemaker. For example, Leos could really appreciate tasting the newest blue wine, revolutionary!



& Sancerre: If you’re a virgo, you’re charming, very sociable…but eager too: you need balance and stability! So, you need light, subtle and delicate wines. Mineral wines, or white sweet wines could be perfect to contain your susceptibility. Why not a Sancerre? Its acidity will permit to keep him many years in your cellar.



& Sparkling White: Libras like to work together with others. The camaraderie that comes from clinking a glass with others is exactly what Libras crave, so pop open a bottle of sparking white wine and let’s share the festive bubbles!



& Syrah: Frank, extremely motivated and determined, with a strong capacity to lead ambitious projects…Syrah is the right choice, lusty in nature just like you. Despite all that, both you and Syrah are agreeable!


& Argentinian Malbec: Philosopher and concentrated, Sagittarius are not really patient and often struggle with commitment. However, their strong interest in travelling could lead them to choose a wine with a beautiful story, which could remember them their last holidays, as an Argentinian Malbec, so exotic!



& Ice Wine: Persistent, working hard, Capricorns will climb to the top to get money, power, and glory. The perfect partner for that? A glass of ice wine of course! Waiting until the perfect moment to produce an unprecedented sweetness, the grapes finally share the same mantra as the Capricorns.





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