Winter is coming…


© La Dive - Bouteille/ Michel Tholmer

Winosaur prepares you for Apres-Ski!

Good day dear Winosaurs, we hope you’re well and warm!

As you might have seen, winter is here: coldness, short days, the urge to lay in bed all day drinking a hot chocolate (or wine) while watching movies and petting your cat.
We can’t bring back the warm days of summer but we surely can help you go through those hard times with some seasonal food and wine pairings.
Oh, and last but not least as it is the perfect time to go skiing, we will help you getting the most of it by giving you tips on what to eat and drink after a good day enjoying the snow.


It is a traditional Swiss dish that can be described as melted cheese eaten with boiled (or roasted) potatoes with small gherkins and delicatessen. It is a perfect meal after skiing and to enjoy a great bottle of wine next to any fire places.

A pint of beer is a great match with it, but if you want to go a little bit further you can try:
For the whites, Chenin Blanc, Savoie Wines and for the reds, Pinot Noir, Cotes du Rhône, Rioja.


It is a mix of melted cheeses usually Comté, Beaufort and Tome of Savoie in a pot where you dip little pieces of bread.
it is meant to eat with potatoes and delicatessen.

You can pair it with Muscadet, Chablis Pinot Noir and Savoie Wines.

tartifletteTartiflette and Croiziflette:

The classic Tartiflette is made by baking oignons, lardons, tome cheese, potatoes together in a clay plate.
For the croiziflette you just replace potatoes by crozet pasta, a typical squared pasta from Savoie.

Savoie Wines, Jura, Cotes du Rhône would be a great match for those ones.

We also have a little extra for you, the ice wine.
Do you know anything about it?

It is made by harvesting when the grapes are frozen, creating a sweet wine. The price tag is a bit higher than the other sweet wines and the bottle is also looking a bit different but we can assure you that it would match your deserts perfectly!

Oh, and if you’re a little bit scared about the calories, don’t worry about it, good food and good wines after a hard day of ski is just what you need to start again the next day!

Coldly yours,

The Winosaur Team.



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