White House wine – Do the presidents show good taste?

The new president Donald Trump of the United States has proclaimed himself tee-total, and the ancient French President Nicolas Sarkozy stated: “Je n’ai jamais bu une goutte d’alcool de ma vie” (I’ve never had one sip of alcohol). Winosaur thinks, they should have done better. Your favourite drink and your choice of wine is definitely a statement! Take a look at the president’s favourite alcoholic drink, referring to Will-Weber’s book “Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking”.

thumbs-upDonald Trump

Although President-elect Donald Trump owned the unsuccessful brand ‘Trump Vodka’ and his family runs Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, he doesn’t drink.

Thumbs down to Donald Trump’s taste


Barack Obama

Barack Obama is proud of the American wines and likes to serve them at special occasions. He found out that wine is not only delicious but this cultural product can also contribute to diplomacy. In 2014 he served US wines from estates founded by African-Americans at a White House dinner for African leaders.

President Barack Obama is not only a wine drinker but also a big fan of beer. Under his administration, the White House has brewed its own honey ale. Winsoaur votes for good taste and self-initiatives.


thumbs-upRichard Nixon

Nixon’s favourite wines were the First Growth Château Margaux and Château Lafite Rothschild. However, the president was too stingy to share his Bordeaux wine:

‘His guests were typically given a decent (but far less expensive) wine — and the waiters were instructed to serve it with a towel wrapped around the bottle so as to hide the label.’

This makes Winosaur laugh, but he doesn’t like egoistic people, even if they show good taste, so Nixon falls down the ranking.


Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection/REX

thumbs-up-clipart-cliparts-for-youJOHN F. KENNEDY

John F. Kennedy had a passion for Champagne, and the First Lady, Jackie Kennedy’s favourite was Veuve Clicquot.

The former managing editor of the Washington Post Ben Bradlee wrote about the bubbly White House dinner parties with the Kennedys: ‘Champagne was flowing like the Potomac in flood, and the president himself was opening bottle after bottle in a manner that sent the foam flying all over the furniture…’

This reminds us of The Great Gatsby and Winsosaur already has a penchant for this president.


Caroline breaks a bottle of champagne on the bow of the USS John F. Kennedy © CNN

Thomas Jefferson thumbs-up

‘Jefferson will always be regarded as the First Father of Wine in the United States’, asserted Will-Weber. It travelled in the 18th century to southern France and the Italian Piedmont and loved European fine wine: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Sauternes, white Hermitage and Madeira.

Unfortunately, Jefferson’s wine obsession put him on the brink of financial ruin. 



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