About Winosaur


Winosaur is here to dust off the general old fashioned image of wine by creating fun, Inter-Wine-Active posts with a little innovative homemade twist.

We will match with you depending on your personality with our “Vintage Personification”.

Our “Wine-O-Scope” will allow you to find the type of wine you like depending on your tastes or the one of your mates by suggesting some good bottles approved by us.

We will also explain the stories behind wines in shows as well as in the Cinema, be sure to check the “Wine-O-Graphy”, there are definitely things that you would not have thought about !

Last but not least, you will find various innovative articles about wine in our “Wine-Oh-Wine, Tell me your Story” menu.

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Inter-Wine-Active Presentation!

Hi dear Winosaurs, and welcome to our brand new blog !

We are four young Wine Geeks, convinced that there is so, so much to learn about this wonderful product, its origin, the traits of each vintage and terroir that make a wine alive.

The purpose of our blog is to dust off the general old fashionned image of wine by creating fun, inter-wine-active posts with a little homemade twist !

So follow us, put aside Netflix and take a glass (or a cup of hot chocolate – it depends on your mood): you are going to discover wine as you never did before…

But first, we have to learn more about each other…


Karin: “I’m a qualified wine enthusiast with a passion for sourcing terroir driven wines, meeting people and cultures, travelling and exploring Slow Food. I’m trotting the globe, from the steep slopes of Mosel over the rolling stones of Châteauneuf-du-Pape to the London wine bars, in pursuit of original wine and stories of winemakers and wine geeks. As a current MBA Wine Marketing & Management student with three years’ experience in wine sales, I am currently working for a wine merchant in social media marketing in the vibrant city of Bordeaux.”


Sandy: “Before to start a new life in Bordeaux, I was studying communication at the university of Orleans, actually I’m interested in communication in all its forms. Recently, I chose a new specialization: wine, because I (really) like it and also because values of wine sector are close to mine. I’m energetic, reactive and perfectionist.”


Léa: “Like my vintage, 1996, I have a very strong temperament but I can be very kind when you take the time to really know me. I’m a little bit shy when I don’t know the person in front of me and I need time to open up myself to others. I’m capricious but also friendly, loyal and full of surprise!”


Maxime: “I’m 24 and I am currently studying Wine and Spirits in Bordeaux. I’ve been studying, working and travelling around the world during the past 3 years in order to discovering different cultures and living a great experience. I had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful wine producing regions such as Douro in Portugal, Napa Valley and Sonoma in California, Hunter Valley in Australia… Burgundy and Bordeaux in France are part of my favorite places in France to enjoy a good wine in a beautiful place.”