Wine Faults & Wine Closures & Goodbye

Guys, we have to say that this is our last post tonight… So sad, right?!

So, first of all, Winosaur would like to THANK YOU, for being here every week and reading our articles. We had so much pleasure finding new funny subjects and share, in our words, our passion for wine. We hope that you enjoyed it, just like us…

To conclude, we would like to talk about some faults you can find in a wine. Actually, our team had a great idea, a new product, very innovative. That is why we won’t have time anymore to write this blog. We can not say more about our project by now but it’s linked with our today’s topic…

So, what about the wine faults?

#1 Oxidized Wine: Contamination caused by too much oxygen exposure. Just like when you leave a sliced apple out and it turns brown. Oxidization is the most common wine fault in older wines. Oxidized wines lose their brightness, both in color and in flavor.

#2 Cork taint & Trichloroanisole (TCA): A chemical containment that found its way into your bottle somewhere in production, usually from real cork. TCA can be present in oak barrels, or the processing lines at the winery as well. It will smell and taste like wet newspaper, moldy basement or smelly dog. The wine will be fruitless and dominated by the off flavors.

#3  Sulfur Compounds: Some sulfur is added to almost all wines to stabilize them. Sulfur dioxide or SO2 manifests as sort of smokey, struck match aroma, but isn’t bad for you at all. The most frequent manifestation of a sulfur-related flaw is mercaptin: for example if you notice rotten egg, burnt rubber, or skunk in your wine.

#4 Cooked wine or heat damage: The wine smells jammy, or like a wine reduction sauce, mixed with a nutty, brown, roasted sugar-type aroma. Heat damage often compromises the seal of the bottle (the expansion from the heated air pushes the cork out) so it can be accompanied by oxidization.

#5 Secondary Fermentation: You can see tiny bubbles where there shouldn’t be any, or listen for the “psssst” like a schweppes…This usually happens with young bottles of red wine, or when the wine is accidentally bottled with a few grams of residual sugar and then re-ferments. This most frequently occurs in low-intervention winemaking.

It exists some ways to fix these problems, some tricks or accessories to avoid them. You can also find alternative wine closures as the screw caps, the crown caps, the glass stopper or vino-seal…

Now, just for fun, we have selected some funny corks and stoppers, a great idea four your Valentine maybe?!


To the plumber inside of you…


If you’re a little bit paranoid…








If you like Michael Jackson…


…or if you prefer street style!



If you’re cold




If you like BLING BLING




If you are afraid of the dark…


If you smoke…


Winelentine’s Day

Hello dear Winosaurs, an important date is coming and we hope you didn’t forget! In case you did, Valentine’s Day will be here soon and  we will do our best to help you please your loved one by giving you some advice about… Wine of course.

First it will depend on what kind your Valentine’s Day is going to be. Idyllic, Cuddly, Suave or Torrid? Make your choice and follow us, we will explain you everything.

Let’s begin with the first one:

idylle-grenache-maury-clos-des-vins-damourIdyllic you said? Well the perfect wine for you is Le Blanc du Clos des vins d’Amour, Idylle 2014, which is an AOC Côtes du Roussillon. This wine is produced in an organic agriculture. With its aromas of citruses and white flowers, this wine will blow your mind. It will bring you a breath of freshness and surely help you to enjoy a magical night with the person of your dream.

centpourcent660With the Château Moulin Caresse, Cuvée Cent pour 100, Montravel, you will pass a Cuddly night, we assure you. By the way, François Hollande said about this wine that it was “a little bomb”. So if a President enjoyed it, be sure that your partner will too. Enchant yourself with this wine and his promising name…


If you want to spend a Suave party, then you shall try Eternelle Favorite, Rosé 2015, AOC of Provence. With a gorgeous bottle and aromas of jasmine, rose and wild strawberry, you will warm your lady’s night up. This rosé wine, very classy and gastronomic, will make the difference.

25626-250x600-bouteille-chateau-hostens-picant-cuvee-des-demoiselles-blanc-sainte-foy-bordeauxTorrid, really? Be prepared then, because this Cuvée des Demoiselles 2014 of Château Hostens-Picant – Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux, will answer to your wishes. With aromas of acacia, lilac, quince or pear, prepare yourself to be seduced. Impossible to resist, it will tantalize you, promise of Winosaur – Rooar !

But maybe you would like something less classic and more surprising. Well just take a look; we have something perfect for you…

16507082_10208756530376025_185685504_nIf none of those wines seduced you, we also can propose a special one. A rosé wine which helps you to declare your undying love to your lover. Indeed, on the bottle a special note is written and it’s revealed at less than 6 degrees. And the surprise is that even the buyer doesn’t know the message. Between surprise and sweet words, your Valentine’s Day will be full of promises.

And if you are single, don’t worry it happens sometimes, you still can go to the Cité du vin in Bordeaux. A conference will be held on this beautiful place, and the subject is special Valentine’s Day:  Is the wine aphrodisiac or not? Everyone is welcome and it takes place the Tuesday, 14th of February at 7 p.m.

Have a good Valentine’s Day, and if you’re still not convinced, you still can watch Fifty Shades Darker meanwhile. Maybe it will give you some ideas!

Fifty Shades of Grey Reveals a Teaser Billboard

Rooar- The Winosaur Team


White House wine – Do the presidents show good taste?

The new president Donald Trump of the United States has proclaimed himself tee-total, and the ancient French President Nicolas Sarkozy stated: “Je n’ai jamais bu une goutte d’alcool de ma vie” (I’ve never had one sip of alcohol). Winosaur thinks, they should have done better. Your favourite drink and your choice of wine is definitely a statement! Take a look at the president’s favourite alcoholic drink, referring to Will-Weber’s book “Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking”.

thumbs-upDonald Trump

Although President-elect Donald Trump owned the unsuccessful brand ‘Trump Vodka’ and his family runs Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia, he doesn’t drink.

Thumbs down to Donald Trump’s taste


Barack Obama

Barack Obama is proud of the American wines and likes to serve them at special occasions. He found out that wine is not only delicious but this cultural product can also contribute to diplomacy. In 2014 he served US wines from estates founded by African-Americans at a White House dinner for African leaders.

President Barack Obama is not only a wine drinker but also a big fan of beer. Under his administration, the White House has brewed its own honey ale. Winsoaur votes for good taste and self-initiatives.


thumbs-upRichard Nixon

Nixon’s favourite wines were the First Growth Château Margaux and Château Lafite Rothschild. However, the president was too stingy to share his Bordeaux wine:

‘His guests were typically given a decent (but far less expensive) wine — and the waiters were instructed to serve it with a towel wrapped around the bottle so as to hide the label.’

This makes Winosaur laugh, but he doesn’t like egoistic people, even if they show good taste, so Nixon falls down the ranking.


Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection/REX

thumbs-up-clipart-cliparts-for-youJOHN F. KENNEDY

John F. Kennedy had a passion for Champagne, and the First Lady, Jackie Kennedy’s favourite was Veuve Clicquot.

The former managing editor of the Washington Post Ben Bradlee wrote about the bubbly White House dinner parties with the Kennedys: ‘Champagne was flowing like the Potomac in flood, and the president himself was opening bottle after bottle in a manner that sent the foam flying all over the furniture…’

This reminds us of The Great Gatsby and Winsosaur already has a penchant for this president.


Caroline breaks a bottle of champagne on the bow of the USS John F. Kennedy © CNN

Thomas Jefferson thumbs-up

‘Jefferson will always be regarded as the First Father of Wine in the United States’, asserted Will-Weber. It travelled in the 18th century to southern France and the Italian Piedmont and loved European fine wine: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Sauternes, white Hermitage and Madeira.

Unfortunately, Jefferson’s wine obsession put him on the brink of financial ruin. 



How to Overcome the Sunday Night Blues

The best cure for the Sunday night blues is a glass of wine. Luckily I’ve had five so I don’t know what day it is anymore!

The weekend passed by so quickly and it feels as if Friday was just five minutes ago. Winosaur helps you to beat the Sunday night blues with some great movies highlighting some classic wine brands, grape varieties or wine styles. Pyjamas on, pull off the cork and lean back! And don’t be melancholic, the next week could be the luckiest of your life!

Silence of the Lambs

A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

In this scene, Hannibal Lecter tries to scare off Jodie Foster, in the role of a FBI trainee. Well, you probably don’t know that this famous moment should mention the Amarone wine rather than Chianti. They finally changed the script because of a lack of knowledge on Aramone.

Really scary, right?

God father

Hard to make a movie about the Italian mafia without wine. The only thing that is more red than the wine in this movie is the blood shed…

The Great Gatsby with Moët&Chandon


James Bond

A long and beautiful love story between James Bond and wine or Champagne, impossible to select only one movie from the saga.

Dr No (1962)

“That’s a Dom Perignon ’55,” says Dr. No. “It would be a pity to break it.”
Bond shrugs, puts the bottle down, and says, “I prefer the ’53 myself.”

Goldfinger (1964)

“My dear girl, there are some things that just aren’t done, such as drinking Dom Perignon ‘53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs!”

Die Another Day (2002)

The first thing James Bond asks after a 14-months stay in a Korean prison is a bottle of Champagne Bollinger 1961.

Goldeneye (1995)

James Bond takes a bottle of Bollinger Grand Year 1988 with two flutes of the steering wheel of his Aston Martin.

Casino Royale (2006)

A bottle of Château Angelus can be seen in the train scene.



Winter is coming…


© La Dive - Bouteille/ Michel Tholmer

Winosaur prepares you for Apres-Ski!

Good day dear Winosaurs, we hope you’re well and warm!

As you might have seen, winter is here: coldness, short days, the urge to lay in bed all day drinking a hot chocolate (or wine) while watching movies and petting your cat.
We can’t bring back the warm days of summer but we surely can help you go through those hard times with some seasonal food and wine pairings.
Oh, and last but not least as it is the perfect time to go skiing, we will help you getting the most of it by giving you tips on what to eat and drink after a good day enjoying the snow.


It is a traditional Swiss dish that can be described as melted cheese eaten with boiled (or roasted) potatoes with small gherkins and delicatessen. It is a perfect meal after skiing and to enjoy a great bottle of wine next to any fire places.

A pint of beer is a great match with it, but if you want to go a little bit further you can try:
For the whites, Chenin Blanc, Savoie Wines and for the reds, Pinot Noir, Cotes du Rhône, Rioja.


It is a mix of melted cheeses usually Comté, Beaufort and Tome of Savoie in a pot where you dip little pieces of bread.
it is meant to eat with potatoes and delicatessen.

You can pair it with Muscadet, Chablis Pinot Noir and Savoie Wines.

tartifletteTartiflette and Croiziflette:

The classic Tartiflette is made by baking oignons, lardons, tome cheese, potatoes together in a clay plate.
For the croiziflette you just replace potatoes by crozet pasta, a typical squared pasta from Savoie.

Savoie Wines, Jura, Cotes du Rhône would be a great match for those ones.

We also have a little extra for you, the ice wine.
Do you know anything about it?

It is made by harvesting when the grapes are frozen, creating a sweet wine. The price tag is a bit higher than the other sweet wines and the bottle is also looking a bit different but we can assure you that it would match your deserts perfectly!

Oh, and if you’re a little bit scared about the calories, don’t worry about it, good food and good wines after a hard day of ski is just what you need to start again the next day!

Coldly yours,

The Winosaur Team.



How to Saber Champagne

The team at Winosaur hopes that you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve with delicious food and great wines and that the culinary delight will continue!

Now, let’s entertain you again. New Year’s Eve is already next Saturday, so we thought you need to be prepared for your Champagne saber performance to impress party guests!

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!”

Dom Pérignon

There is no way to open a bottle of Champagne that’s more fun than sabering, the act of taking a large blade (or a chef’s knife) and popping off the cork with one smooth motion. As it turns out, it’s so easy to do that anyone can pull it off. Watch our video with the  step-by-step sabering tutorial and… May the force be with you!

You only need a knife and an ice cold sparkling wine (Champagne, German Sekt, Crémant, Cava, Prosecco, and other amazing sparkling wines that won’t break your budget…).



Step by Step Guide to Saber Champagne

  1. Chill Champagne to reduce pressure – it must be ice cold
  2. Completely remove Champagne foil
  3. Reposition cage carefully to first lip
  4. Choose Your saber –we used a long knife
  5. Hold Champagne at 45° angle
  6. Slide saber in a smooth motion along the seam of bottle


Safety Warning Be careful. Don’t poke your eye out attempting to saber Champagne.

Thanks for checking us out and stay tuned to Winosaur for another fun filled scenario arriving the New Year!

Love & peace,
Léa, Maxime, Sandy, Karin