How to Saber Champagne

The team at Winosaur hopes that you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve with delicious food and great wines and that the culinary delight will continue!

Now, let’s entertain you again. New Year’s Eve is already next Saturday, so we thought you need to be prepared for your Champagne saber performance to impress party guests!

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!”

Dom Pérignon

There is no way to open a bottle of Champagne that’s more fun than sabering, the act of taking a large blade (or a chef’s knife) and popping off the cork with one smooth motion. As it turns out, it’s so easy to do that anyone can pull it off. Watch our video with the  step-by-step sabering tutorial and… May the force be with you!

You only need a knife and an ice cold sparkling wine (Champagne, German Sekt, Crémant, Cava, Prosecco, and other amazing sparkling wines that won’t break your budget…).



Step by Step Guide to Saber Champagne

  1. Chill Champagne to reduce pressure – it must be ice cold
  2. Completely remove Champagne foil
  3. Reposition cage carefully to first lip
  4. Choose Your saber –we used a long knife
  5. Hold Champagne at 45° angle
  6. Slide saber in a smooth motion along the seam of bottle


Safety Warning Be careful. Don’t poke your eye out attempting to saber Champagne.

Thanks for checking us out and stay tuned to Winosaur for another fun filled scenario arriving the New Year!

Love & peace,
Léa, Maxime, Sandy, Karin


10 things you absolutely have to do before Christmas


“What? Christmas? Next week?”

Yes, how could you miss it? Haven’t you seen men wearing Christmas sweaters and thinking they look cute or sexy? Haven’t you tasted awful sweet mulled wine? And haven’t you already bought your Christmas presents?

But do not panic, if you’re a little late (no judgment), we can help you, now, to prepare and get ready for Christmas. Check and fulfil the following 10 steps to pass a happy Christmas!

  1. Christmas tree: make it as beautiful as you can, to make sure that Santa Claus appreciates it (and maybe gives you some gifts).sapin-bouteille2
  2. Christmas jumper: as our beloved Mark Darcy, you should – no, you have to – find the jumper which will impress your family, or shock your old aunt, it’s up to you.christmas-jumper-darcy
  3. Diet-before-Christmas: can you imagine? Foie gras, oysters, salmon, Christmas turkey, chestnuts, yule log… You have to prepare your liver. So this week, soup, soup and soup (and one glass of wine!).giphy
  4. Last-chance list to Father Christmas: do not worry, now he’s also hyper connected, you can send him an email if you forgot to post your letter to the North Pole.giphy-1
  5. Christmas desert: find an original recipe to prepare a wonderful wine-based desert.sanstitre-choc2
  6. Advent calendar: “Ooops, I forgot my chocolate last week, and yesterday too…nevermind…” No! You have to be ready on all aspects. So eat chocolate, eat, this is an order…”But what about the diet?” you might say. I would answer: chocolate is totally part of it…everybody knows chocolate is healthy right?giphy-2
  7. Christmas songs: if you want to be in a Christmas mood, we highly recommend you to listen and relisten all of the Christmas hits. Not that stimulating in the beginning, but we promise you, finally you will really appreciate them. Am I not right Justin?large
  8. Prepare your cat: yes, your cat also merits a wonderful Christmas…So as you could decorate your Christmas tree, you should pair its clothes with yours. chapeau-fete-renne-pour-chien-chat-1
  9. Chill & Christmas movie : before Christmas, you have to rest (but only if you have respected all the previous rules). So, hot chocolate, sofa, your favorite movie and your cat, that’s all you need. giphy-3
  10. Gifts: VERY important… If you forgot to buy them and amazon can’t guarantee that it arrives before Christmas, then grab a glass of Chardonnay and DO-IT-YOURSELF !


DIY glass holder for wine bottle. This wine glass holder is a personal homemade gift and you won’t need to worry about the delivery time. You can cut the wooden board larger so that it serves as an appetizer board! Let’s get started and follow the instructions.





DIY Wine Bottle Lamps. And the best part of this gift is, it has to be consumed before you can offer it.  Each bottle starts with a delightful and tasty wine. Once you have consumed it’s extreme deliciousness, you can insert the light. There is a step-by-step tutorial of Wine Bottle Light available here.





DIY Cork Key chain. This lucky person will always think about you.
To read the full tutorial of Cork Key Pendant, click the link.




coravin2CORAVIN – a wine gadget that every real man should have! This intuitive wine system allows you to pour your favorite wine by the glass, without pulling the cork.You can find it at almost every wine shop. To discover more about the awesome Coravin Wine System, click the link.





Game of Thrones. Lots of blood, suspense, of “OMG what will happen to Jon Snow”. But above all : Wine, wine and more wine.
Follow us, we will explain you everything about it in case you’ve missed it.

Be careful dear Winosaurs, winter is coming.

Arbor :


Similar Wines :

Californian Chardonnay
Northern Rhône White

You are made for Arbor wines if…

You want to have the best of the best, the cream of the crop and you’re willing to spend your money to get it. You like buying wine that you know will be amazing and that your friends will love, too. The price is worth it.

The legend tells that Joffrey Baratheon is dying to getting another glass of it.


Similar Wines :

Spanish Ribera Del Duero Red
Chilean Pinot Noir

You are made for Dorne wines if…

You feel passionate about red wine, and your friends might say you have a hot-tempered, ardent personality. You love wine that evokes emotion, doesn’t please everyone, but pleases you and your lovers.

Prince Oberyn once said:

“When it comes to love… I don’t choose sides. When it comes to war I fight for Dorne. And when it comes to wine, I choose Dorne Grand Cru, the best wine in all of Westeros.”


Similar Wines:

Spanish Rioja Red mixed with juice, sugar, limes and spice… Like a Sangria in fact !

You are made for Highgarden wines if…

You’re classy but don’t always need to stick with strictly wine. You can enjoy a gin and tonic, a mojito, and while your friends might be popping a fine Bordeaux, you love a summer sangria, as long as it’s made by a mixologist who knows what he/she is doing.

What Hodor thinks about this wine: “Hodor !”

Casterly Rock:


Similar Wines:

Italian Amarone
German Riesling

You are made for Castertly Rock wines if…

You sometimes refer to yourself in the third person, and above all else, work to be powerful in life. You’re the gentlemen or lady who shows up to the party with the most expensive bottle of wine, even if the guests don’t know wine very well. You say to yourself, “[Your last name]s always bring an expensive bottle of wine.”

This is the wine that Jaimee Lanister gives to men of the Kingsguard.


Similar Wines:
Spanish Albariño
Argentinian Malbec

You are made for Lys wine if…

You enjoy drinking wine alone every once in awhile. While wine is great socially, there’s also a place for it when you’re by yourself and need some time to unwind, relax, and settle into your own thoughts.

“I do not stand for Lys and their slavery. But I do find this wine mesmerizing.” once said Daenerys Targaryen.


Similar Wines:

Portuguese Port
Californian Zinfandel

You are made for Volantis wine if…

You love over-the-top wines to match your larger-than-life personality. Sure, port and massive Zinfandels are almost not even wine, but so what, are you really the person to worry about such nuances?

Who do you think this wine suits the most in the show? Be sure to give us your answer, you might be surprised of the answer !

Oh, and good news, HBO is releasing a line of Game of Throne themed wines
Be sure to check it out !


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Tell me your birth vintage and origin, I’ll tell you who you are…

I recently read the expression

“Pinot Noir wants to be loved; Gamay wants to fuck”(Noble Rot Issue 12).

But what makes wine human?

Wine is a complex product. ‘Terroir driven wines’ reflect their origin, the climate and soil of their appellation and even their specific vineyard site. Varietal character and vintage variation are expressed. Moreover, the personal hand signature of the winemaker makes the product alive. All these factors contribute to the personality of each handcrafted wine (But watch out, you won’t find terroir typicity or personal traits in industrial wines).

Learn more about the character of sought-after vintages in one of the most exciting Northern Rhône appellations or in Burgundy by watching our videos! 

I’ll tell you everything about my character, click & discover…

1991Born in 1992, somewhere in Burgundy…



Inter-Wine-Active Presentation!

Hi dear Winosaurs, and welcome to our brand new blog !

We are four young Wine Geeks, convinced that there is so, so much to learn about this wonderful product, its origin, the traits of each vintage and terroir that make a wine alive.

The purpose of our blog is to dust off the general old fashionned image of wine by creating fun, inter-wine-active posts with a little homemade twist !

So follow us, put aside Netflix and take a glass (or a cup of hot chocolate – it depends on your mood): you are going to discover wine as you never did before…

But first, we have to learn more about each other…


Karin: “I’m a qualified wine enthusiast with a passion for sourcing terroir driven wines, meeting people and cultures, travelling and exploring Slow Food. I’m trotting the globe, from the steep slopes of Mosel over the rolling stones of Châteauneuf-du-Pape to the London wine bars, in pursuit of original wine and stories of winemakers and wine geeks. As a current MBA Wine Marketing & Management student with three years’ experience in wine sales, I am currently working for a wine merchant in social media marketing in the vibrant city of Bordeaux.”


Sandy: “Before to start a new life in Bordeaux, I was studying communication at the university of Orleans, actually I’m interested in communication in all its forms. Recently, I chose a new specialization: wine, because I (really) like it and also because values of wine sector are close to mine. I’m energetic, reactive and perfectionist.”


Léa: “Like my vintage, 1996, I have a very strong temperament but I can be very kind when you take the time to really know me. I’m a little bit shy when I don’t know the person in front of me and I need time to open up myself to others. I’m capricious but also friendly, loyal and full of surprise!”


Maxime: “I’m 24 and I am currently studying Wine and Spirits in Bordeaux. I’ve been studying, working and travelling around the world during the past 3 years in order to discovering different cultures and living a great experience. I had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful wine producing regions such as Douro in Portugal, Napa Valley and Sonoma in California, Hunter Valley in Australia… Burgundy and Bordeaux in France are part of my favorite places in France to enjoy a good wine in a beautiful place.”