Winelentine’s Day

Hello dear Winosaurs, an important date is coming and we hope you didn’t forget! In case you did, Valentine’s Day will be here soon and  we will do our best to help you please your loved one by giving you some advice about… Wine of course.

First it will depend on what kind your Valentine’s Day is going to be. Idyllic, Cuddly, Suave or Torrid? Make your choice and follow us, we will explain you everything.

Let’s begin with the first one:

idylle-grenache-maury-clos-des-vins-damourIdyllic you said? Well the perfect wine for you is Le Blanc du Clos des vins d’Amour, Idylle 2014, which is an AOC Côtes du Roussillon. This wine is produced in an organic agriculture. With its aromas of citruses and white flowers, this wine will blow your mind. It will bring you a breath of freshness and surely help you to enjoy a magical night with the person of your dream.

centpourcent660With the Château Moulin Caresse, Cuvée Cent pour 100, Montravel, you will pass a Cuddly night, we assure you. By the way, François Hollande said about this wine that it was “a little bomb”. So if a President enjoyed it, be sure that your partner will too. Enchant yourself with this wine and his promising name…


If you want to spend a Suave party, then you shall try Eternelle Favorite, Rosé 2015, AOC of Provence. With a gorgeous bottle and aromas of jasmine, rose and wild strawberry, you will warm your lady’s night up. This rosé wine, very classy and gastronomic, will make the difference.

25626-250x600-bouteille-chateau-hostens-picant-cuvee-des-demoiselles-blanc-sainte-foy-bordeauxTorrid, really? Be prepared then, because this Cuvée des Demoiselles 2014 of Château Hostens-Picant – Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux, will answer to your wishes. With aromas of acacia, lilac, quince or pear, prepare yourself to be seduced. Impossible to resist, it will tantalize you, promise of Winosaur – Rooar !

But maybe you would like something less classic and more surprising. Well just take a look; we have something perfect for you…

16507082_10208756530376025_185685504_nIf none of those wines seduced you, we also can propose a special one. A rosé wine which helps you to declare your undying love to your lover. Indeed, on the bottle a special note is written and it’s revealed at less than 6 degrees. And the surprise is that even the buyer doesn’t know the message. Between surprise and sweet words, your Valentine’s Day will be full of promises.

And if you are single, don’t worry it happens sometimes, you still can go to the Cité du vin in Bordeaux. A conference will be held on this beautiful place, and the subject is special Valentine’s Day:  Is the wine aphrodisiac or not? Everyone is welcome and it takes place the Tuesday, 14th of February at 7 p.m.

Have a good Valentine’s Day, and if you’re still not convinced, you still can watch Fifty Shades Darker meanwhile. Maybe it will give you some ideas!

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Rooar- The Winosaur Team